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Fri, 29 Feb 2008

I've just noticed the name of awesome bar being used for a new functionality in Firefox 3.

All the features described there I have been using for years. In that simple-yet-powerful browser called Epiphany: instead of an awesome bar, you get used to an awesome browser.

I know I've been taking it for granted for years, and only other-browser praising articles like the one above make me say:

Epiphany rocks! Thanks guys!

It's a shame not many distributions are shipping Epiphany as default (to the point that I am even jealous of KUbuntu guys, who get to ship Konqueror as the default web browser, compared to GNOME-based Ubuntu shipping Firefox).

For those wanting to comment how web sites are not designed for Epiphany (I've heard comments like that before), Epiphany uses the Gecko engine, the very same thing used in Firefox.

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Thu, 21 Feb 2008

Indeed. "Kosovo" is a Serbian word for "of a blackbird" (i.e. a genitive declension of the word "kos", a "blackbird"), and by itself, doesn't make much sense. The full name is "Kosovo polje" meaning "Field of a Blackbird", or more simply "Blackbird's Field" (or maybe a 'plateau' or 'upland' because that's what it is).

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