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Thu, 11 Nov 2004

I just got my hands on Philips HDD100 MP3 player: 15GB MP3 player with support for MP3 and WMV formats (not that I would ever use the latter). If it was me, I'd never get myself a player which doesn't support Ogg (OTOH, $180 for 15GB USB drive is not that bad either :), but this one is my sister's :-) I just get to use it from time to time, and removeable storage is what I never refuse.

It's "usb-storage" compatible, so one can just plug it into any sufficiently new GNU/Linux system, and get access to another disk. So I did, and copied a few songs, but it turns out it requires proprietary database in order to read files (it doesn't read the directories themselves).

After some Googling, I couldn't find any existing software to create these databases, but I found just what I needed: technical specifications. This means that I don't have to do any reverse-engineering of databases, so it took mere 1-2 hours to write a Python program to create suitable databases (I first started writing it in C, but then I though, what the heck, it'd be faster and easier to do it in Python, though I never handled binary records using Python, which turned out to be very easy :).

So, if you've got this player and want to use it without using Windows, grab create-index.py, put it in your path, chmod +x it, mount the player, and run the program. If that's a bit too much, here's how I do it:

$ mount -o umask=000 /dev/sde1 /mp3player
$ (cd /mp3player && create-index.py System/data Muzika System/music)
$ umount /mp3player

It's certainly very buggy currently. You'd also need ID3 module installed (official web page is at id3-py.sf.net). Many features are currently missing (such as playlists). Any patches and improvements are welcome :-)

Although Philips' original software renames files to very short names, it's possible to use longer names if you modify some header fields, and that's what I do (and it works mostly :). SolonWeb, otoh, claims that it doesn't work correctly, so I just say: it works for me.

Note that Philips firmware is not what you'd call great: it occasionally freezes, and you have to resort to hardware reset: press volume up (on the right side of the player) and up arrow (previous track button on the player) for around 4 seconds to shut it down.

Hope this helps anyone in trying to use Philips HDD100 15GB MP3 player on some of GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, or any other free system. At least for playing music, since external hard drive features work out of the box.

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Hm... hm... a gde moze da se nadje ovo cudo za 180 evra? :)
— Posted by miljan at Fri Nov 12 09:37:49 2004
Hm... hm... a gde moze da se nadje ovo cudo za 180 evra? :)
— Posted by miljan at Fri Nov 12 09:57:44 2004
Hm... hm... a gde moze da se nadje ovo cudo za 180 evra? :)
— Posted by miljan at Fri Nov 12 09:57:58 2004
Bug u blogu, ako uradis refresh stranice posle postovanja komentara, komentar se ponavlja. :)
— Posted by miljan at Fri Nov 12 09:59:00 2004
Нпр. ebay, и то $180, не евра ;-)

(а бубице су у твојој глави, освежавање ПОСТ странице тако иначе ради :-Р)
— Posted by Данило at Fri Nov 12 12:23:25 2004
Si siguran? Probaj to na mom blogu da se uveris. :-p
— Posted by miljan at Fri Nov 12 12:43:18 2004
Si siguran? Probaj to na mom blogu da se uveris. :-p
— Posted by miljan at Fri Nov 12 12:53:54 2004
Just started to use your software - it's okay - but I have found a few problems with long filenames and some mp3 files wont play even though they are listed  on the device, but all in all it's nice that I am able to continue using Linux 100%

I'm thinking of adding playlist support unless you have already worked out how to do this.

Thanks again.
— Posted by Craig March at Mon Dec 27 19:09:18 2004

On my HDD120, when i mount the filesystem (mount -o umask=000 /dev/sda1 /mp3player) i still can't write on the HDD120 filesystem, which says that it is read-only...

(dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part1 on /mnt/removable type vfat (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,sync,users,umask=000,iocharset=iso8859-15,codepage=850))

What is wrong?


— Posted by Gaetan at Mon Jan 17 18:39:13 2005

I have connected my HDD120 to a Windows system, and i discovered that the filesystem was corrupted....so chkdsk corrected it, and now i can write on it on linux huhu good;

— Posted by Gaetan at Tue Jan 18 19:43:59 2005
nice software! I had to download the mp3.py from your server, so you could links to that on this site too, because wit hother mo3.py from the web it didn't work..

the program works fine, but I still have to rename my mp3s to some short names without spaces..
— Posted by reto at Sun Feb 20 18:17:32 2005
Hi there - I've just started using your prog on my system. Everything seems to be working fine and the HDD100 reads the files I set up on it. The only problem I do have is with foreign characters in the id3 tags and filenames: eg. é à é and so on. I know very little about python - is there anything I can do with your script to get over this?? I can always rename the id3 tags which are causing the problem but I wanted to check here first.

The error - TypeError: error string is not an integer
— Posted by Frenchgit at Wed Feb 23 19:23:32 2005
Ok, you're going to have to tolerate a complete linux newbie!

I run the program create-index.py ([Chris@localhost disk]$ . create-index.py)

And I get:

bash: recordsize: command not found
bash: field_offsets: command not found
bash: reserved1: command not found
bash: reserved2: command not found
bash: path: command not found
bash: name: command not found
bash: bitrate: command not found
bash: samplerate: command not found
bash: duration: command not found
bash: artist: command not found
bash: album: command not found
bash: genre: command not found
bash: title: command not found
bash: tracknumber: command not found
bash: year: command not found
size: ':': No such file
size: '400,': No such file
bash: :: No such file or directory
bash: create-index.py: line 46: syntax error near unexpected token `}'
bash: create-index.py: line 46: `  }'

I think maybe it's trying to run the file as a shell script?

Do I have to compile create-index.py?
If so is there a path that python searches for modules like ID3.py? Where is it?

Again, please forgive my fatuous ignorance, I am a beginner, running Fedora 7 i686 kernel

Thanks :)
— Posted by Chris at Tue Sep 25 14:26:06 2007
Silly me!
You have the use the python command in bash...!

But now it throws this error:

Problem with encoding data for file a0c20ea4.mp3.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "create-index.py", line 285, in <module>
  File "create-index.py", line 192, in write_dat
TypeError: string indices must be integers

What is happening? I tried removing that file, but it just does it for another file.

I have no knowledge of writing python, please help! :)
— Posted by Chris at Tue Sep 25 14:58:58 2007
Ok the above errors were due to characters in the ID3 tags...no problem.

However I cannot seem to add any files to the mp3 player...I put files I want added into the System/music folder and the program even confirms the file is added (991 files added when before it only stated 990)
But it doesn't show up in the player.
What am I doing wrong?
— Posted by Chris at Tue Sep 25 15:50:46 2007
Hi Chris, it turns out that you can't use longer filenames (I was just lucky when testing this), and non-ASCII characters are not allowed by the player (even if it uses UCS-2 to encode everything) because it doesn't have the proper fonts.

I think the problem you might be having is related to hard-coded filenames, and case matters on GNU/Linux (i.e. System/DATA/BLAH.DAT is different from System/data/BLAH.DAT and also from System/DATA/BLAH.dat: you may need to change references in create-index.py to appropriate filenames which show up on your player in /System/DATA).
— Posted by Данило at Thu Oct 4 00:00:13 2007
Hello Chris,

A while ago I pulled my HDD120 away from under the dust, and I was very happy finding your blog.

I've added support for special characters, long filenames and ID3v2-tags, and decided to share it with everyone:


Maybe there are other people like me who still sometimes use their HDD :D
— Posted by Caspar at Thu Nov 25 00:46:57 2010
Great ! The 2.2 release works on OSX (10.5)
-> See http://caspar.verhey.net/philipshdd/
— Posted by zz at Sun Jul 24 23:18:14 2011
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